At The Forefront of Tank Inspection
- 30/06/2022

Welding Inspection

We offer a full service from preparation and submission of preliminary weld procedures, through witnessing of weld tests and recording of welding parameters, to carrying out necessary non-destructive and mechanical testing and issuing final Weld Procedure Specifications with weld procedure and welder approval certification.

Whilst most bigger welding and fabrication companies have previously approved weld procedures in place, we have found in the past that many smaller companies, particularly those who are moving into new areas of work, do not. We have been able to help and advise such companies on the best way forward with regard to the most appropriate procedure approvals etc. for their specific requirements.

We can carry out Weld Procedure and Welder Qualifications to European (BS.EN.ISO. 15614 / BS.EN.ISO. 9606 etc.) or American (ASME) standards.
Positive Material Identification