At The Forefront of Tank Inspection
- 30/06/2022

Tank Inspection

welding inspectionNuffield Radiographic Inspection have been carrying out oil storage tank surveys since 1990 and have built up a wealth of experience. Tank surveys are carried out using ‘A’ scan presentation and digital ultrasonic equipment on the tank shell roof, and floor and include a thorough visual inspection. Tank shells are generally accessed using a crane and ‘man basket’, however scaffold towers or hydraulic platforms may be used as appropriate. These methods offer the advantage over other remote systems in that it enables our operators to carry out ‘close up’ visual inspection of the welds and plates as the survey progresses. The survey system is highly flexible and can be adapted to suit the clients requirements with regard to how detailed the survey should be.

During inspection of the tank floor it is our normal procedure to carry out visual inspection, thickness measurements and magnetic flux leakage survey of all accessible floor plates plus vacuum box testing of all accessible lap welds.

Upon completion of the site survey, our EEMUA approved assessor will analyse the data and prepare a report containing a list of recommendations of the work required to comply with the requirements of EEMUA 159. The report is presented in such a way that, once accepted, the recommendations can easily be incorporated into a Repair Scope by our assessor which can then be used by the tank repair contractors to carry out the necessary remedial works.

Our standard survey methods and results meet or exceed the requirements of EEMUA 159 and our operators are trained in the use of Breathing Apparatus and are familiar with the requirements of current ‘Confined Spaces’ legislation etc.