At The Forefront of Tank Inspection
- 30/06/2022


Nuffield Radiographic Inspection have ‘in-house’ facilities for carrying out x-radiography at up to 300kV. This means that we are able to penetrate steel thicknesses of up to 35mm using standard film / screen combinations (greater thicknesses are achievable using fluorescent screens and high speed film). We have two purpose built x-ray enclosures, the larger of the two being approximately 4.3 metres x 3.3 metres with a maximum diagonal distance of 5.2 metres, with access of 1.9 metres wide x 2.0 metres high. Our standard lifting capacity is 1.25 tons.

Subject to stringent safety criteria and compliance with the requirements for a minimum of seven days prior notification to the Health and Safety Executive, radiography can also be carried out ‘on-site’ or at our clients premises when the items to be radiographed are too large to transport to our facility……we are always happy to help or advise.

Once produced the radiographs are assessed against the specified acceptance criteria and are then presented to our client with our standard format Radiographic Report.
radiography inspection